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Good sex at any age

50plus sex

by Ellen Blake The Importance of Sexual Intimacy as We Age Sex is a great tool for protecting or improving health and a powerful emotional experience. The need for intimacy and connection is ongoing and definitely not just for younger people. It will likely be different at age 50Plus than it was

Does Aging Change How Our Medications Work?


by Ellen Blake For many of us, aging means taking more medications than when we were younger. When helping care for my mom over the years, it seemed the list grew larger every year. She, like other seniors, developed new chronic illnesses as she aged which required new and different pills. In

Social Media Overload: How To Take Back Control

social media overload

I spoke with a friend the other day who complained about the endless notifications she receives from all her social media apps. This wasn’t a new conversation. I regularly have the same conversation with other friends. Yesterday, MySpace was the place to be online. Today, we may scroll through Instagram. Tomorrow?

Beware of the narcissist: don’t ignore the signs

my friend is a narcissist

by Ellen Blake My Friend is a Narcissist I recently made a new friend - or so I thought. We worked together for a short time. She was extremely charming, fun, confident and first. I don't have much experience with people with narcissistic personalities.  I'm sure I've come across others over the

Think Spinning is Not for You?

spinning class

by Leslie Farin,Publisher, 50Plus-Today I often invite friends to join me for a spinning class, but rarely does anyone take me up on it. The thought of walking into a cycle studio seems to intimidate people. Do the instructors yell and play the music too loud? Will I be pushed too

The Miller LIte Cowboys Hour

  FREE and open to the public, join us at Neighborhood Services at the Omni Frisco Hotel (11 Cowboys Way, Frisco) for The Miller Lite Cowboys Hour presented by Albertsons. Cowboys players join hosts Brad Sham, Kevin Turner, and Taylor Stern on Monday nights at 6 p.m.* throughout the season. Monday, Oct.