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The Infinite Resource: Breathing

breathing exercise

by Linda Benkö People often ask me what I do for work. My response is usually something like,  "It has to do with a physical process every human being does around 20,000 times per day. I help people breathe". "But I already breathe. All the time.“ Yes, we all breathe. But most


lessons learned from coronavirus

Author: Valerie Grimes, CHt Sometimes life is not pretty... I love Polish sausage, but hear I don’t want to see how it is made. Why? Because sausage making is an ugly process, though so tasty when complete. Watching my clients go through weight reduction programs is also difficult – and ugly to them-

Have You Cleaned Your Cellphone Today?

clean your cellphone

50Plus-Today Your cellphone is disgusting. Your cell phone rarely leaves your side. At least mine doesn't. It goes with me to restaurants, stores, the bathroom, everywhere. I play with it all day long, so it touches my hands and then my face. In other words, it's is a breeding ground for germs.  Did

These Foods Can Make Menopausal Symptoms Worse

foods to avoid during menopause

by Ellen Blake   I'm two years into menopause and still have insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes and mood swings. These symptoms make me miserable and my generally healthy diet goes out the window. My favorite comfort foods make me feel better and so I reach for them on the more

How Many Clothes Do I Need in My Closet?

how much clothing do I need

by Ellen Blake First world problem I have too much stuff. I'm frustrated that I have nothing to wear, yet my closet is overflowing. I hate to get rid of something that I just know I'll wear at some point, though to be honest, that day never comes. And because my closet

Goal for 2020: Take Care of Yourself

self care

by Ellen Blake   How are your New Year's resolutions going so far? We are not even a month in, and already I feel my resolve slipping away. My list of goals for 2020 is long - and almost exclusively revolve around what I want to do for others. I was taught

How You Doin’? Assessing Your Personal Fulfillment

personal fulfillment

by Debi Talbert If you watched the 90’s hit sitcom Friends, you know that the character Joey was famous for his line “How you doin’?” His flirtatious quip was cute and cut to the chase. So, how you doin’? How’s life? Are you feeling fulfilled and intentional with how things are