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Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda: Is it Really Worth My Time, Money & Effort?

gorilla trekking rwanda

by Augustin Ndikuriyo, Owner, Augustine Tours Yes, gorilla trekking is absolutely worthwhile. You will never regret it. Various companies offer different types of tours across Africa, such as wildlife safaris, but my favorite experience by far was our recent gorilla trekking tour in the Volcanoes National Park. My wife and I did

Hungry for Another Time


by Arlen Hollis Kane "Don’t tell me you’re starving." Don’t tell me you’re starving. And certainly don’t tell me you’re starving to death.  When did we stop being hungry?  I ask a friend “Are you hungry?,” and the answer more often than not is “I can eat.”  I know you can eat,


by Arlen Hollis Kane AH, FEBRUARY: TIME FOR PRESIDENTS, LOVE AND TECH It’s February and that means I’m musing about Presidents and love and technology.  Okay, you get the President’s Day reference and Valentine’s Day but technology? Hang in there, I’ll explain.  In the meantime, here’s a spoiler alert: Steve Jobs scooch over,


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by Arlen Hollis Kane Forget What You’ve Heard, We Want You to Come Let’s say you want to visit New York but you don’t want to be a typical tourist, especially not in New York City where, or so you’ve heard, patience is short, people move fast, and tourists are  bounced around

Home is Where You Park It

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Author: Leslie Farin William Morris, the British artist and author, once said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or do not believe to be beautiful”. Good advice, but easier said than done for most of us. For Cheryl and David Goldstein from Plano, Texas,

Granbury, Tx

Have you been to Granbury, Texas? ACCESSIBLE GRANBURY  is an entire website dedicated to helping navigate this wonderful small town for those with mobility disabilities. Nestled between the Upper Hill Country and North Texas is a hidden jewel called Granbury, just minutes from the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. Some say it