diy sunscreen

DIY Sunscreen – Why Dermatologists Recommend You DON’T Try This At Home

by Dr. Fayne Frey, Board Certified Dermatologist Mixed messages... Sunscreen. We know we need it. Experts tell us it protects us from skin cancer, particularly malignant melanoma,

IV Nutrition Therapy

Is IV Nutrition Therapy Right For You?

by Clint Fuqua, The Health Engineer IV Hook-up Pills, potions and powders There are pills, potions, and powders for every want and need you can imagine and

Love & Sex at 50+

find your soulmate online

8 Do’s and Don’ts of an Online Soulmate Search

By Michael Lubell- “The Onion Peeler” Looking to find your soulmate online? Many online daters are looking to find a soulmate and would just as soon meet

online dating tips

Online Dating is Tough, But Don’t throw out the Lady with the Laptop

by Michael Lubell Six important online dating tips from a guy who knows... The dating game I lived many years looking for a relationship on dating sites. Whether