hair removal process

Why is Hair Growing There and How Can I Get Rid of It?

by Fayne Frey, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist My patients complain often about body hairs sprouting in places they don't want them. Dark hairs on their chins

coronavirus testing sites

Coronavirus Testing Sites Near You

Testing availability differs by state FIND THE CORONAVIRUS TESTING SITES NEAR YOU It's a good idea to check your state's guidelines for testing criteria. All those with

Work & Purpose

mindfulness self-compassion practice

Want to Live a Happier Life? Stop Beating Yourself Up

by Denette Mann Happiness did not come easily for me I was not a happy person. I had a good life, a successful career, a loving family.

Love & Sex at 50+

benefits of sex

8 Reasons You Need to Have Sex Soon

by Ellen Blake The benefits of sex extend far beyond the bedroom... Sex not only feels good, it’s good for your health. A regular sex life helps

dating and sex 50 plus

Challenges of Relearning How to Date – Part 2

By Amy Jones As I began writing this article, I realized how many challenges we face dating at 50 Plus. The spectrum of single men and women,