Inspired Aging

Burton Gillium 2016

An Unstoppable Octogenarian- Burton Gilliam from Blazing Saddles

by Leslie Farin  Best known for his role as Lyle in Mel Brook’s bold comedy, Blazing Saddles, Burton Gilliam is redefining old age. He carries his

holiday, snowman, imperfect holidays

Finding Joy in Our (Im)perfect Holidays

by Marlene Caraballo The holiday season is here and along with the excitement comes anxiety, stress and the self-inflicted pressure to make everything perfect. We run around

Living Choices

value of your parent's stuff

Does Your Parents’ Stuff Have Value? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Leslie Farin Your parents worked hard to create a beautiful home, and most likely want you to have their things when they are gone. But

Must Love Dogs (& other animals!)

senior dog owners

50+ Adults and Dogs- Why it’s a Win-Win

Story at-a-glance A new study shows older adults who own dogs are more physically active than non-dog owners Simply walking their pets caused dog parents

retractable leash

A Retractable Leash is a BAD Decision

Did you know that your dog's retractable leash is not just a poor training decision for most dogs, it's also downright DANGEROUS? If your dog is