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Do I need a silk pillowcase? (and other interesting skincare questions)

By Fayne Frey, MD,  Board-Certified Clinical and Surgical Dermatologist I absolutely love my work as a dermatologist. Sharing my knowledge and experience with patients, friends and family

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The Truth About Formaldehyde in Shampoo and Skincare Products

by Fayne Frey, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist "Does formaldehyde cause cancer?" The answer is yes, and many people have concerns. For example, a 32 year old young

Love & Sex at 50+

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Green Lights For Lasting Love: 10 Signs You Are On the Right Path When Dating at 50+

by Michael Lubell- “The Onion Peeler” Factors That Affect Relationships Most dating sites implore applicants to describe themselves and their interests on their profile.  There are patented


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Worried About Your Upcoming Cruise? Don’t Be – Here’s Why

by Debra Kerper Return to Cruising As someone who works in the travel business, I typically take four-six cruises a year - and in between, I travel

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Opinion: Now is a GREAT Time to Travel!

By Edd and Cynthia Staton, America’s best known experts on moving abroad and expat life. International travel 2021: Our personal experiences We just arrived in the U.S.