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gifts for millenials

10 Perfect Gifts for Kids/Grandkids(Age 20-30) Guaranteed to Impress

by Ellen Blake GIFTS FOR MILLENIALS Struggling to find that perfect gift for your favorite young adult aged 20-30? I understand - I'm in the same boat


12 Best Selling Tech Gifts for Age 50+

Looking for a special something for a loved one for the holidays? Tech gifts are great because they can make someone's life easier and/or more


Super Senior in New York: My Cousin Hilda

by Leslie Farin Seniors Aging Independently My cousin Hilda is my favorite relative. She is 96 years old, but sharper and more energetic than many people half


do I need travel insurance?

Travel Insurance – Do I Really Need It?

By Debra Kerper Don’t Leave Home Without it! I am a firm believer in the importance of travel insurance. I witnessed many clients file claims during my

tips to travel light

Are You a Chronic Over Packer? Tips to Travel Light

by Barbara Khan Packing isn’t easy As an avid traveler, the long pandemic enforced hiatus really cramped my style. I’m beyond excited to resume traveling and already