winter dry skin

Winter Dry Skin: 6 Expert Tips for Winter Skincare

by Fayne Frey, Board  Certified Dermatologist I hate my winter dry skin. When the weather is cold and the air is dry, I find flakes of

inexpensive skincare products

Making the Case for Inexpensive Skincare Products: Real Life Experiences

by Fayne Frey, Board Certified Dermatologist Skincare Products: Expensive Does Not Mean Better On a daily basis, my female patients talk to me about the enormous amounts

Work & Purpose

Lana McAra

The New Unstoppable 50+ Woman

by Leslie Farin "The person I thought I was turned out to be just a character I played to be accepted." Lana McAra, the host of the

Love & Sex at 50+

50plus sex

Good sex at any age

by Ellen Blake The Importance of Sexual Intimacy as We Age Sex is a great tool for protecting or improving health and a powerful emotional experience. The

dating and sex 50 plus

Challenges of Relearning How to Date – Part 2

As I began writing this article, I realized how many challenges we have at dating at 50 Plus. The spectrum of single men and women, at