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12 Outstanding Mother’s Day Gifts for 80 Year Old Women Who Live Alone

Looking for unique Mother's Day gift ideas for 80 year old women? Not sure what to get the 80 year old senior woman who seems to

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Sending Flowers for Mother’s Day? Our 5 Favorite Budget Friendly Flower Delivery Services

Think you can't afford to send flowers to your Mother, Mother-In-Law, or someone who has been like a Mom to you for Mother's Day? Maybe


post vaccination flying

Post Vaccination Flying – Are You Ready to Get On Board?

by Debra Kerper How do you feel about air travel right now?  If you're like me, you dream of a life that looks "near normal" and yearn

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Will We Travel Again? A Travel Expert’s View of Post Pandemic Travel

by Debra Kerper, Owner,Easy Access Travel What does the future of travel look like? Easy answer:  Nobody knows. Complicated answer:  Whatever it is, it changes every day. A serious