Finances: Women & Money

by Leslie Farin Some people still think of finances as a man’s world, but guess what? They are wrong. If you’re a woman who is not

marriage late in life

Contemplating Marriage Late in Life? Financial Pros and Cons

Author: Ellen Blake   In a February 8, 2018 article in, Dan Browning wrote he would never remarry after his wife, Liz, died at age 53

Healthy Living

Rage yoga

Rage Yoga: The New Trend in Yoga

by Ellen Blake More than just a practice, Rage Yoga is an attitude. Traditional yoga is peaceful, quiet and zen. It's benefits include an improved immune system,

Skin Care Truths

age spots

How Do I Get Rid of Age Spots and Avoid Getting More?

Author: Dr. Fayne Frey, Board Certified Dermatologist     Does an unsettling image of your mother or grandmother pop into your mind when someone mentions age spots? Perhaps you've

stem cell

Stem Cells: The Hottest Trend in Skincare Today

by Fayne Frey, MD Stem cell Technology: The New Buzzwords in Skincare I need to say upfront that cosmetic products do not actually contain live stem cells