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Things Change…But So Can I! Taking the Next Step

by Peggy Sham Change. Sometimes I think change is a dirty word. Changes can be vague, and we barely notice them – until we get a reminder,

can do mindset

12 Ways to Cultivate a “Can Do” Mindset

by Debi Talbert   Now that I’ve accumulated enough seniority as a Flight Attendant, my Second Act Career, I have Sunday’s off. This day off gives me

Love & Sex at 50+

dating and sex 50 plus

Challenges of Relearning How to Date – Part 2

As I began writing this article, I realized how many challenges we have at dating at 50 Plus. The spectrum of single men and women, at

dating at 50+

Challenges of Relearning How to Date: Part 1

Author: Amy Jones If you haven’t noticed, dating is quite different now in this technology driven, fast paced, instant gratification post-divorce world. There are numerous divorced singles