thrive in self isolation

3 Insider Secrets To Thrive In Self Isolation

by Michelle Grace Maiellaro Time passes, the days of the week blur together, weekends no different from weekdays. Helplessness grips me as I realize I’ll wake tomorrow

skincare routine serum

The Essence of Serums; It’s Not Science, It’s Sales

By Fayne Frey, Board Certified Dermatologist Our society values youth... Though life in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic looks very different today than a month ago, some

Work & Purpose

mindfulness self-compassion practice

Want to Live a Happier Life? Stop Beating Yourself Up

by Denette Mann Happiness did not come easily for me I was not a happy person. I had a good life, a successful career, a loving family.

Love & Sex at 50+

benefits of sex

8 Reasons You Need to Have Sex Soon

by Ellen Blake The benefits of sex extend far beyond the bedroom... Sex not only feels good, it is good for your health. A regular sex life

dating and sex 50 plus

Challenges of Relearning How to Date – Part 2

By Amy Jones As I began writing this article, I realized how many challenges we face dating at 50 Plus. The spectrum of single men and women,