wellness room and mindfulness

What is a “Wellness Room” and Why Have One at the Workplace and in Schools?

by Steph Santo I attended my 40th high school reunion recently and part of the weekend included a tour of the school. Few changes were made

flu season

Simple Tips to Help You Dodge the Flu

by Debi Talbert It’s winter, which means in addition to cooler weather, we’re also faced with flu season. Just this weekend I missed my grandson’s sixth birthday

Work & Purpose

Lana McAra

The New Unstoppable 50+ Woman

by Leslie Farin "The person I thought I was turned out to be just a character I played to be accepted." Lana McAra, the host of the

Love & Sex at 50+

how to make a successful life change

The Secret to Successful Life Change: Focus Your Energy on the Future

by Deanna King Socrates once said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the

50plus sex

Good sex at any age

by Ellen Blake The Importance of Sexual Intimacy as We Age Sex is a great tool for protecting or improving health and a powerful emotional experience. The