grandparent, grandchild

The Grandparent Economy is Serious Business

originally posted: 2/18/2019 updated: 9/20/2020 By Ellen Blake Grandparents are an eager to spend demographic Think about it -  Most grandparents light up when you ask about their grandchildren.

discounts for seniors

6 Discounts Seniors Only Get if They Know

Originally posted: July 26, 2019 Updated September 5, 2020   Where can I find discounts for seniors? Don't be shy about asking for a've earned it! These discounts

Second Act

The first to lie

On Becoming a Writer: Hank Phillippi Ryan Proves It’s Never Too Late to Start

Exclusive interview with Hank Phillippi Ryan by Leslie Farin, Publisher 50Plus-Today originally published Jan 6, 2020 updated Sept 12, 2020 Update9.12.2020: Best selling author comes out with her


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The Truth About Formaldehyde in Shampoo and Skincare Products

by Fayne Frey, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist "Does formaldehyde cause cancer?" The answer is yes, and many people have concerns. For example, a 32 year old young

ichthyosis skin disorder

My Grandson Was Born with Ichthyosis…

by Leslie Farin originally posted May 4, 2018 | updated October 10, 2020 Update from October 10, 2020 Adam, now 18, graduated from high school with honors and