age spots

How Do I Get Rid of Age Spots and Avoid Getting More?

Author: Dr. Fayne Frey, Board Certified Dermatologist originally posted: 7.1.2021 updated 6.2.2021 Concerned about age spots? Does an unsettling image of your mother or grandmother pop into your mind

wash face in shower

Do You Wash Your Face Before or After You Shower? Notes From a Dermatologist

by Fayne Frey, MD The order of things We all have our routines. Some of us are more flexible than others, but most of us have specific

The Writer's Workshop

writing style

The Writer’s Workshop-Part 5 of 6: Write Your First Book (What’s Your Writing Style?)

by John Wasowitcz Haven't read the first 4 parts in the "Write Your First Book" series? No problem - download them here. PART 1      PART 2

Love & Sex at 50+

online dating tips

Online Dating is Tough, But Don’t throw out the Lady with the Laptop

by Michael Lubell Six important online dating tips from a guy who knows... The dating game I lived many years looking for a relationship on dating sites. Whether

successful online dating

Online Dating: How Do You Know It’s Right When It Was Always Wrong Before?

by Michael Lubell Online dating profiles often belie the value of their subjects.  It’s not just the “they don’t look like their pictures” problem.  Or the blatant