no problem

What comes after “Thank you”?

by Arlen Hollis Kane   Well, That’s a Problem You’re welcome.”  I just had to get that out.  You may be wondering why I dangled that without so

gorilla trekking rwanda

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda: Is it Really Worth My Time, Money & Effort?

by Augustin Ndikuriyo, Owner, Augustine Tours Yes, gorilla trekking is absolutely worthwhile. You will never regret it. Various companies offer different types of tours across Africa, such

Skin Care Truths

skin detox

Do I Need to Detox My Skin?

by Fayne Frey, M.D., Board Certified Dermatologist People ask me all the time why they need to detox their skin. My answer? You don't. Where in

10 step korean skincare

A Board Certified Dermatologist Calls B.S. on the 10 Step Korean Skincare Process

by Fayne Frey, M.D. I am a board certified dermatologist with almost 30 years of experience. I field questions from patients almost daily about what their