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Advertising with allows you the opportunity to tell our targeted audience about your business, services, or products. At the same time, your sponsorship supports an online lifestyle magazine whose goal is to provide adults aged 50Plus and their families with inspiring, educational, and timely information about everything and everything related to this mighty and fast-growing population. Please note your sponsorship does not influence the creation, selection, or presentation of content or resources on this site. Sponsorship of helps cover costs such as website hosting, content creation, software licenses, programming, and a long list of other expenses essential to allow us to help older adults age wisely.

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As a partner, your business, product, or service must be aligned with the vision of this website. Here is some basic information:

Sponsored Posts Written by 50PlusToday.

We write sponsored posts and/or reviews for a brand, product, or service, often based on an interview. Please note that we need the opportunity to test the product or service before writing about it to maintain the integrity of our publication. The fee for writing an optimized 2200 word post with a do-follow link is $400 and includes social media shares. Note: We retain final editorial rights.

Sponsored Posts Written by Brand 

We publish advertorials with one do-follow link written for brands by the brand with pre-approval of the product and copy. The article must contain valuable information and tips pertinent to our target audience. Additionally, it should be written in the style and format of 50PlusToday, and be checked for grammar and spelling prior to sending to us. We recommend you write with current SEO best practices in mind to encourage exposure. The fee for a pre-written advertorial is $250 and includes social media shares. (Note: An advertorial is different than a guest article for which no fee applies.) Note: We retain final editorial rights.

Display and Banner Ads

Header or Footer: (728 x 90, 468 x 60), linked to client website –  $350/month
In-Article & Sidebar (300 x 250), linked to client website – $250/month, three month minimum
(Banner ads to be provided by advertiser)

Sponsor Our Website 

To thank our website sponsors, we offer:

1. Your logo or ad (300 x 250, provided by sponsor) displayed prominently on the home page of linking to an interior page of our website thanking our monthly sponsor and providing information about the business owner and products/services.  This informational part of the post will be written by the sponsor. Alternatively, the sponsor can choose to have the link go directly to their website.
2. The opportunity to create an educational post with one do-follow link at no additional charge.
3. Social media sharing (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).
4. Your logo or banner ad with a link to your website or landing page is included in email newsletters throughout the month.
The fee is $550 for a monthly sponsorship or $850 for two months. 

E-Newsletter Ads

Include an article or banner ad (provided by advertiser) linked directly to your website in our popular e-newsletters. (728 x 90 or 300 x 250)
Fees for inclusion in our weekly e-newsletters are $75/issue (local DFW) and or $125/issue in our monthly nationwide enewsletter. We recommend 3 consecutive ads in the e-newsletter and offer a discounted price for multiple inclusions.

E-Newsletter E-Blast

Send a full-size advertisement (provided by client) promoting your brand only, which provides a significantly higher click rate to your landing page when compared with the click rate for your link when incorporated into our usual enewsletter. Cost is $150 per blast for our national list/$100 per blast for our local list.

50Plus Directory 

Event Listing – Always FREE
Business Listing – Choose from one of the 3 packages starting at $18/month* (Direct Link –

Affiliate Marketing 

If your brand has an affiliate marketing opportunity that works with, we’d like to know about it!

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updated December 12, 2023

Website (based on 30 days)

Impressions from search traffic: 327K/month

Event Count: 50,000/month
Views: 14K/month
Unique views: 12K/month
66% originate from organic traffic.
19% originate from social/referral traffic.
13% originate from direct traffic.
Domain Authority (DA): 55
Average Engagement Time: Approx. 1 minute 

Enewsletter/social media 

E-newsletter Subscribers: 2730 (45% open rate)
Facebook Group Members: 1.4K
Facebook Page Followers:  1.3K
LinkedIn Connections: 2289
Twitter Followers: 2133
Pinterest Followers: 317

Applicable Terms of Use for Advertisers 
Note: Terms of agreement go into effect once the invoice is paid by the advertiser.

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