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Dynamic Foundations Institute Presents The 2020 Entrepreneur Showcase featuring Female Founders

Leslie Farin 50PlusToday

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by Leslie Farin, Founder 50PlusToday, LLC

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DFI 2020 Entrepreneur Showcase 

I am thrilled to be featured in the DFI (Dynamic Foundations Institute) 2020 showcase of female founders!

50Plus-Today is both a labor of love and a passion for me. Many of us struggle in this phase of life: the many changes in our lives, our bodies and our souls frequently overwhelms even the strongest and most confident among us. This next chapter can be the best ever! I provide reliable information on hot button topics to inspire, educate and answer questions you didn’t know you had – and help others to find their purpose.

I also provide targeted marketing opportunities for businesses who want to promote their brands to the fast growing 50+ population and their families. Baby Boomers and their elders control almost 70% of the disposable income in the United States, and yet many businesses ignore this target audience. Seniors outspend younger adults 2:1 on a per-capita basis. Only 5% of marketing is currently directed to the active older adult population; 50PlusToday provides an easy way to connect with this audience to generate new business and referrals. 

Read the interview to learn more about my journey to create the 50PlusToday online publication here.

About the Dynamic Foundations Institute

Founded by Michelle Burkhead in 2020, Dynamic Foundations Institute is a place where all entrepreneurs, regardless of education level, business experience, financial status, or whatever, can receive assistance to make their companies grow. It is scary to leave a secure job to begin an entrepreneurial venture, and Michelle guides individuals every step of the way. Her tagline is “We were born to help you succeed”, but she is so much more than that. Michelle wants her life to be about helping others – that is her purpose. She is a tremendous resource and source of motivation and encouragement.

Read more about how and why Michelle started her business.

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