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10 Excellent Holiday Gifts if Your Dad Lives in a Nursing Home

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Trying to come up with gift ideas for dad was always hard. Now that he resides in a nursing home, I find it even more difficult to think of an appropriate gift that won’t just be in the way.  You know he doesn’t want or need a lot of extra stuff to clutter up the room as space is at a premium. The absolute best gift is your time; hopefully you can visit regularly and provide company and conversation. He may not be able to show it at this point in his life, but trust me, a visitor is a treat and always appreciated. 

You may decide you want to bring an actual gift to make the holidays a little more special. If so, think about what you might buy that could are either useful, stimulating or add beauty to the room. We don’t recommend pricey electronics that could be mislaid and hard to find later. Below are ideas for gifts to help make this time as happy as possible for your loved one.

Our curated gift list for Dad in the Nursing Home:

IZOD Men’s Memory Foam Classic Two-Tone Moccasin

Starting at $21

These warm winter slippers made from microsuede with a synthetic sole and memory foam are unbelievably comfortable! The style is classic and casual, perfect to wear all year. What we really like about these slippers is that the indoor and outdoor bottom allows for a visit outside without having to change to shoes! No laces, which means no hassles, make these slippers easy to slip on and off. Comes in seven great color combinations and in a gift-ready IZOD box.

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame 


Help your loved one stay connected with this top-selling 10.1 inch digital picture frame! Amazon certified (and can work with Alexa), you can easily share photos and video (up to 15 seconds) privately and safely via e-mail or app. Manage the frame with your phone, either iOS or Android and connect to google photos to ensure your frame is always up to date. The website also supports Dropbox, facebook and instagram. The smart frame is wall-mountable  and the 1280×800 HD IPS display auto adjusts to portrait or landscape placement. A motion sensor turns the fram on or off automatically. This gift is one that keeps on giving!


Large wall calendar w/Classic Japanese Wood Block Prints


Gorgeous Japanese prints adorn every page of this large 12″x 12″ wall calendar. This gift is especially thoughtful if your loved one liked to travel in years past. Every month presents another beautiful image that brightens up the room! This calendar contains 16 months and all public and culturally significant holidays. Dad may also like to have a nearby calendar to help keep track of the days.

Classy Pal Adult Bibs for Men, 

$53.99/set of 2

I noticed my dad seems to get food all over his shirt lately due to shaky hands. As a younger man, he was extremely neat and careful with his appearance, and understandably seems embarrassed and demoralized when he spills due to the shakiness he can’t control. These adult bibs look classy and protect clothing while they keep dad clean. The Classy Pal adult clothing protector offers full lap and chest protection at a large 18″ wide and 35″ long design. Snaps at the bottom allow for an optional crumb catcher and/or pocket if needed. These “bibs” are comfortable with velcro closures and washable. Made in the U.S.


THE COMFY Original Quarter Zip | Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket 


Is it a blanket? Or a jacket? This large, oversized, comfortable one size fits all design is perfect for hanging around at home or to bring to the beach. The quarter zip comes in fun colors, has a reversible high quality zipper that allows you to wear it the way it feels best and wide seams for a clean finish to keep the sherpa lining flawless. Pull your legs in and use it as a blanket or flip the hood up to feel the toasty warmth of the blanket wherever you go. We especially love the pocket where you can keep whatever you need handy. Easy to clean in a cold wash and then tumble dry. As seen on shark tank.

Snuggie- The Original Wearable Blanket With Sleeves


People make jokes about snuggies – but have you tried one? I made fun of them myself until someone bought me one – and now I wear it just about every night! In fact, at this point, every member of my family owns one – and we are a variety of ages. I admit they look a little silly, but these cozy, super soft fleece wearable blankets with sleeves and pockets are fabulous! Older men who tend to be cold and want to stay warm especially love to receive a snuggie as a gift! This gift is best for someone who is not mobile as the length could be a tripping hazard.

100% Cotton Blanket with Herringbone Design and Fringe

Extra blankets are always welcome! Blankets decorate a room, especially one with a classy herringbone design! At the same time, they help keep your loved one warm and cozy. The older adults in my life are always cold, even if it’s 97 degrees and humid outside. And men seem to love this classic herringbone design. It’s great to have an extra around that’s lightweight, 100% cotto and easy to grab if they want to sit outside. 


Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow


Great support for your back, head or legs! This 5-in-1 folding memory foam wedge pillow uses a foldable design that provides comfort whether sitting or laying down. Use this angled bed pillow at a 30-or 60-degree angle to find just right elevation and support for dad’s upper and lower back. In addition, this wedge pillow helps increase blood flow, promotes breathing, and reduces snoring and heartburn at night! Other benefits include reducing the effects of knee pain, back pain, varicose veins, edema, and more. Great for sleeping, reading, watching TV and/or post surgery. Easy to clean and store without taking much space and made from breathable high-density memory foam, it contours to the shape of your body for all day comfort. This is one of my favorite gifts to buy both for people who live in facilities or at home – and it is great for all ages!


Sherpa Fleece 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Reversible Minky Weighted Blanket


Sleep becomes harder for lots of us as we age. The reason could be muscle aches or restless legs. Or, sometimes we simply like the comfort, warmth and weight from extra blankets on the bed. This luxurious, yet cozy, twenty pound reversible weighted blanket is a perfect solution whatever the reason. Weighted blankets help relax your nervous system, which in turn reduces anxiety and stress, making it easier to fall asleep.  This minky soft blanket can be gently washed, though to make it easier to stay clean, order a washable duvet cover  too. I purchased a weighted blanked last year for my dad and he’s been sleeping better ever since!


Realistic and Lifelike Interactive Companion Cats


Don’t laugh – this cat provides older adults with hours of companionship and comfort!  We have this companion cat on our gift list for older women too! With its cat-like movements & sounds, this revolutionary vibrapurr technology gives the cat an authentic purring sound that even feels just like real purring. Just as real cats do, this companion pet cat lifts its paw, opens and closes its eyes and mouth and moves its head and body. The pet cats respond to motion and touches such as petting and hugging due to built-in sensors. With synthetic, soft and brushable fur inspired by real felines, they seem very much like real cats! Available in four different colors, you can choose one that looks like a pet dad had in the past. Run and engaging, this gift brings joy, fun and connection to elderly loved ones and their families. 


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