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Where Have All the Trick or Treaters Gone?

trick or treat, halloween

by Harriet Gross Something has happened to Halloween that I don’t like! Too few kids come trick-or-treating at all these days, and if they do, adults are standing by, watching to make sure they’re safe. Eons ago, when I was a child, nobody went out with us on Halloween. We sallied forth alone, in

Birthdays Inspire Memories

birthday memories

by Harriet Gross July is my birthday month.  Throughout it, I wear a zodiac pendant – Cancer the Crab.  It fits both ways:  I’ve survived cancer, and sometimes I’m really “crabby” myself! Birthdays inspire memories, and memories inspire stories.  And without our stories, without telling them, we’re not the full and complete

I See Myself and Wonder What Happened

time perception

By Harriet Gross When I was 20, I wanted to be 40 – more “mature,” more “polished.”  When I was 40, I wanted to be 20 again – “looser,” less “burdened” by home and family responsibilities.  Now that I am 83, I want only one thing: to become 84! Time perception is

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