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Our 6 Most Favorite Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays!

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Why do I love to send chocolate? Because chocolate is well-loved by just about everyone I know!  A sweet edible gift is particularly wonderful for the 50+ person in your life who you have absolutely no idea what to buy for them. Chocolates are also great for people you don’t know all that well, but want to let know you are thinking of them. Below is a list of our carefully curated favorites.

Hazel & Creme Gold Cookie Gift Box – Gourmet Food Gift 


Ready to gift in an eye popping cookie gift box, these 20 hand crafted hazel and creme chocolate covered cookies have a delicious combination of flavors and textures. Each and every cookie is double creamed and generously dipped into dark chocolate with delicious mouth watering toppings. Indulge yourself and savor every bite! The unique blends and flavors will satisfy the strongest of chocolate cravings. Packaged with great care for freshness, this is a perfect gift for any occasion!


Melodi Chocolatier Assorted Dark Premium Quality Chocolate Tin Gift Box


This sophisticated chocolate gift box is a perfect gift for your favorite chocoholic for any occasion! With 25 delicious Melodi truffles are carefully packaged to travel safely to your loved one in innovative packaging. The right gift for anyone, any time!


Biscotti Cookie Gift Box, Gourmet Gift Basket


These artfully decorated delicious biscotti come 18 to a box from oh! Nuts. Gourmet chocolate at its best in a beautifully presented gift box! Perfect taste, great textrue, quality product and dairy free. Don’t hesitate to buy this gift box for your friends and family!


The Ultimate Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket


A rich assortment of Godiva’s finest confections makes up this exclusive gift. Signature milk, dark and white truffles, assorted dessert truffles, salted toffee caramels, chocolate raisins, hot cocoa, truffle coffee and more make up this rich gift that everyone enjoys and appreciates!  Every detail in the package is designed to make your gift memorable and delicious. Free personalized gift message!


Oh! Nuts Merry Christmas 2020 Chocolate Wishes Gift Set


This fun set of 20 Assorted Gourmet Belgium Chocolates Blessings is a wonderful idea for a gift! Smooth, creamy and delicious chocolate gift box creates a memorable impression every time. With 10 fun and unique flavors crafted using a custom blend of chocolate with only the freshest of ingredients, these truffles come in ten rich flavors: Almond, Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Caramel, Mint, Espresso, Orange, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Strawberry Champaign. Send your family and friends chocolate treats that show you have an exemplar sense of class and taste. Stunning presentation creates that wow factor. Oh! Nuts goodies are great, all the time.

 Milango Classic Hazelnut or Pistachio Chocolate Gift Basket


This gourmet holiday gift comes in an elegant box, guaranteed to delight the pickiest of those on your guest list! Each fabulous masterpiece has a signature MilanGo shape and is filled with a smooth and creamy melt in your mouth filling. Comes in a lovely green package with 30 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate. You’ll want to order one for a friend and another for yourself!


Order online and send directly to the recipient for a stress-free holiday. A chocolate gift is not only thoughtful, but always appreciated! Have other chocolate gifts you love to give people? Let us know in the comment section below!


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