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Product Review: WIDEX MOMENT™ Hearing Aid

widex moment hearing aid

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by Leslie Farin



The Widex MOMENT™ is the latest Bluetooth-connected hearing aid from Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex. They aim to provide the very best in sound quality in a small portable package. They utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to create a better, more natural and more personalized sound experience by giving hearing aid users control over their experience. 

I was not sure what to expect when they reached out to me to ask me to try out their new product. I was, however, interested in the technology and agreed to try it out. My hearing is not as good as it used to be and I had some concerns; this opportunity arose just as I considered making an appointment with the doctor anyway. Note: I was upfront with my contact at Widex that my reviews are completely unbiased – and that I planned to give an honest evaluation that included both pros and cons. 


Not excited to schedule an in-person fitting in the middle of a pandemic, I was thrilled to learn they offer an on-line option. I admit I was skeptical that a virtual appointment was as effective as one in the office, but still, I was game. They sent a remote link in the mail a week or so later along with the hearing aids and instructions. Set up was quick and easy. With the Widex remote link accessory and app, we had a video appointment in real time.

After I connected online via the remote app, I paired the MOMENT hearing aids with my iphone, a simple process. I then put the hearing aids in my ears. The online fitting process was detailed and thorough. The technician first conducted a basic hearing test. She informed me my hearing is still in the normal range. Since my husband says often I keep the TV volume too loud, however, it’s likely I have some loss typical of people my age.

With assessment data in hand, the technician customized the settings on her end to meet my needs. She also patiently explained the wide range of adjustability available through the Widex app. The appointment lasted almost and hour.  By the time we finished, I felt comfortable to proceed with the technology. Overall, the quality of our telehealth appointment far exceeded my expectations.

Now, after about three weeks of use, I’m ready to share details about my experience and my review of the product.


What’s Included

It seemed Widex sent absolutely everything I might need. First, of course, were the hearing aids accompanied by a battery charger. Each night I dropped the aids into the charging wells of the charger unit, so not only were they ready to go in the morning, but I knew exactly where to find them. A consistent green indicator light lets you know when fully charged. One small thing to know about the charger; the charging wells did not contain magnets, so when I knocked it over by accident one day, the hearing aids flew out. A small hard case also came with the hearing aids; this wonderful little case worked perfectly to carry them safely in my purse when I went out and brought them “just in case”. I also found tiny tools, a cleaning cloth and a variety of ear tips in different sizes that worked for varying degrees of hearing loss. Finally, the box included detailed instructions for all items including the remote link mentioned above. I hope I didn’t miss anything, but it certainly seemed they considered every detail.

widex moment charger


The Widex MOMENT hearing aids are tiny, lightweight and extremely comfortable. Quick to secure in place, the body of the device rests behind the ear and the receiver (speaker) inside the ear. The two parts connect with a delicate wire; other brands seem to use stiffer wires that likely bend less easily, but also probably provide less comfort. I wore them for hours, and honestly forgot they were in my ears. Once in place, they are not easily visible, especially with my chin-length haircut; my family didn’t even notice them until I pointed them out. 

Sound quality and Streaming

MOMENT streams audio direct from smartphones and the streaming quality is very good most of the time. The sound was incredibly clear. As this experience was my first with hearing aids, I can’t compare with other brands or older models. However, I heard from friends and family in the past that the sounds they heard through their hearing aids were “tinny”, unclear and delayed. These problems were nonexistent with the Widex Moment. Conversation was easy and felt natural. I easily watched TV at a volume more acceptable to my husband with the hearing aids in my ears. Music playback was excellent when the streaming worked; the experience was very similar to that I have with my high-quality wireless earbuds much of the time.

Widex claims the improvements are the result of new technologies incorporated into the design. Its new PureSound™ feature provides an “industry defining, ultrafast signal pathway that eradicates the unpleasant artefacts inherent in classic hearing solutions” and delivers a more natural sound than hearing aids previously delivered. Another new feature, ZeroDelay™, enables near-0ms sound processing across frequencies that allows for a more authentic listening experience. 

One of my few complaints relates to the streaming performance when outside for a run or walk. The music cut in and out frequently unless I sat in one place, but that fact that my iphone is an older model might be the cause of this issue.


Ease of use

The careful and thoughtful design of the Widex MOMENT make it a breeze to use. For example, the single button on top of the body of each ear piece allow you to conveniently change settings when you move between listening environments. The simple to adjust app, which is the same for both iOS and Android devices, personalizes the listening experience very well; you can easily adjust the volume, pitch and directional focus of the hearing aids and create custom programs. In addition, the MOMENT app allows you to control the volume of the content you stream with the phone volume buttons. I love that the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connection to the app allows streaming from phone calls and music apps Like most hearing aids though, MOMENT does not provide true hands-free calling as the smartphone microphone must be close by when on a call for the other person to hear your voice.  The built in lithium-ion battery lasts the full day, and fully recharges in 4 hours. My battery only ran low once when I forgot to charge the hearing aids the night before. The app monitors the charge level and lets you know when the battery is low. 


Widex, like other companies that don’t sell direct to consumer, does not publish their hearing aid prices on their website. They sell only to authorized dealers who can perform the required hearing assessment. After you have a hearing test with an audiologist or ENT, they can direct you to a Widex hearing aid dealer to learn more about their products and prices.


Overall, my experience with Widex MOMENT was fantastic. They are great hearing aids with comfort, sleek design, and excellent sound quality. The new technology resolves many of the problems found with older models of hearing aids. Put them in your ears in the morning and forget about them the rest of the day. I plan to try them out when I upgrade my phone and hope that fixes the streaming problem I had when out for a walk or run. The overwhelmingly positive attributes of this model greatly outweigh any minor issues. I wholeheartedly recommend the WIDEX MOMENT™ Hearing Aid.

widex moment hearing aid

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Sound Quality




Ease of Use


Telehealth Experience


4 thoughts on “Product Review: WIDEX MOMENT™ Hearing Aid

  1. Can this be worn without the plastic tip? My ear canal is collapsed and every every other unit hurts my ear and make them impossible to wear.

      1. Hi Ron – I received this response back from Widex which might be helpful:

        “The tips serve two functions. One, to help eliminate feedback by providing a stable placement of the receiver in the ear. Two, comfort as the silicone is much softer than the plastic or metal receiver. With that being said – we have seen people wear the hearing aids without the tips. If you are already wearing the hearing aids and want to take the tips off – I would caution you that the hearing aids were programmed to include the tip and removing it could cause a change in the sound as well as feedback. If you aren’t already wearing them – there are other things the HCP can use if appropriate than the standard tips. You should check in with your HCP if so and I am sure they can find a solution together.”

    1. Ron, you may consider trying bone-anchored type of hearing instruments. They conduct sound via the mastoid bone to the inner ear.

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