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Who knows the original name of Memorial Day?

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Did you know Memorial Day wasn’t always called Memorial Day?

Americans honor the soldiers who gave their lives in military service each year on Memorial Day, observed each year on the last Monday in May.

The original name for this solemn holiday was Declaration Day. General John Logan first declared this observance in 1868, and referred to the tradition of decorating the graves of those whose lives were lost in the Civil War. The original date was May30th.

People started to refer to Declaration Day as “Memorial Day” after World War I to honor people who died in all U.S. wars. The new name stuck and the observance became an official federal holiday in 1971 that is celebrated on the last Monday in May.

For many, the 3 day weekend signifies the unofficial beginning of the summer season. Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and attending or participating in parades.



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