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SURVEY RESULTS: The Future of Travel (Post Pandemic)


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Travel has changed. Life has changed.  But the age-old desire for to get away remains the same. The question is, how will travel look moving forward?  We polled our readers to determine their thoughts on the subject. Seventy-four people responded. Here’s what we found:

SURVEY RESULTS –  The Future of Travel After Pandemic

Based on the responses received, our readers plan to travel again, but the timing is mixed. About half say they are ready to travel within the next six months, while the remainder want to continue to social distance for at least six more months.

A small percentage, 16.9%, say they plan to travel only for family emergencies or family events, and less than 3% do not want to travel at all. The overwhelming majority of participants say they will travel for personal or business reasons in the not too distant future.

An overwhelming majority of participants said a plane or car vacation is in the cards moving forward, which is interesting. While it is easy to maintain social distance in a car, it is less simple in a plane, yet respondents appear to believe air travel is safe enough. In contrast, very few people see themselves on a cruise, train or bus vacation in the next year. 

Almost 50% believe their next vacation will be at a hotel or resort. I found this number surprising as a private home seems safer to me. 


Our respondents to this survey are not necessarily representative of the U.S. population, or even those aged 50+, in general. However, it clearly shows people want to return to travel at some point, some sooner than others.



When Do You Think You Will Be Ready to Travel again?

1-3 months: 27.54% | 3-6 months: 26.09% | 6-9 months: 17.39% | 9-12 months 28.99%

Will You Travel For Business and/or Pleasure?

Business only: 0.0% | Personal only: 40.85% | Both business and personal: 39.44%| Neither business or personal 2.82% | Family emergencies/Important events only 16.9%

How Likely Are You to Travel By Plane?

Very likely: 67.14% | Not likely: 32.86%

How Likely Are You to Travel By Car?

Very likely: 89.06% | Not likely: 10.94%

How Likely Are You to Travel By Train or Bus?

Very likely: 5.71% | Not likely: 94.29%

How Likely Are You to Cruise?

Very likely: 7.35% | Not likely: 92.65%

Where Will You Likely Stay?

Hotel/Resort: 47.3% | Private home: 17.57% | Remote cabin: 4.05% | With friends or family: 31.08%

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