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Poll: What Will Travel After Coronavirus Look Like For You?

travel after coronavirus

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The spread of Covid19 dramatically impacted travel plans for many in 2020. With elaborate vacations cancelled, weddings postponed, and out of state business rescheduled online, the travel industry came to a screeching halt. How long before we move into what can only be called a new normal? No one seems to know. Experts, however, do expect the industry to recover, albeit slowly, just as it did after the terrorist attacks on 9-11. 

“The new travel normal may mean a shift to vacation rentals over hotels, driving rather than flying, and an increase in the use of travel insurance and personal travel advisors.” says Kenneth Kiesnoski in his recent article in

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We want to know how you think future travel will look for the 50+ generation and their families. Please take a minute and answer the questions below!

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What will travel after coronavirus look like for you? Here’s what our readers said:

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