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Product Review: Alegria TRAQ Shoes

alegria shoes

by Ellen Blake

Alegria TRAQ shoes

I love these shoes. I have flat feet and bunions, which makes wearing almost any shoe very uncomfortable.   

For years I heard from friends about Alegria shoes. They told me they are the most comfortable shoes they own. Some own three or four pairs! Two friends, a nurse and a hairdresser, both on their feet for hours at a time at work, say they are comfortable the whole day long. A woman at my gym wears them on the treadmill.

Alegria shoes come in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns for both men and women. When I decided to try a pair, I went with their walking shoes with their TRAQ system. These shoes with the TRAQ system come with a microchip in the heel that counts your steps upon connecting to their app. The pair I chose were black with a great floral design on the tongue and back and polka dot shoelaces (Polka dot shoelaces -love it!)

I first tried the shoes just walking around – in the house, on errands, on a picnic, etc. They provided good support and were so comfortable I forgot I had them on! Usually, I am acutely aware of my shoes because my fee usually hurt. Next, I tried them on a two mile walk around my neighborhood with no problem at all. 

The step tracker is a nice bonus and a very cool feature. I love knowing how many steps I take, and the app is simple to setup and connect to the chip. The only issue I experienced was the steps were not counted in areas with poor wi-fi, but that’s to be expected. 

I have a new spring in my step! Alegria shoes are great for those with or without foot problems. Highly recommend.



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