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Lemons to Lemonade in a Pandemic

lemons to lemonade in a pandemic

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by Leslie Farin


It’s day whatever of the lock down. I think it’s a Friday.

Not that it matters much. It’s just another day. Today will be slightly more interesting than usual since I scheduled an allergy shot for this afternoon. Sadly enough, I’m pretty excited about my upcoming outing.

I look forward to the short drive outside my neighborhood. I take a walk every day for exercise and to get out of the house, but the drive to the allergist’s office across town provides a much needed change of scenery. Not that my walks aren’t enjoyable; the spring weather is lovely and I welcome the opportunity to see other humans. As we pass, we wave and yell hello from six feet away.

Changing priorities

Before the lock down, I popped into the allergist’s office every other week when in the area. It was easy and convenient. Now, this previously simple task requires considerable effort.

For this excursion, as with any other, I change from pajamas into real clothes and put on a bra. I may style my hair – and by style I mean comb-  but make-up is not a consideration. These “normal” activities of daily living are no longer part of my usual routine. And I prefer comfort to fashion these days; glasses instead of contacts, flats in place of heels.

I wear a mask outside the house, one I fashioned from an old lime green bandana and ponytail holders. I also put on gloves, my least favorite part of my ensemble; I only have thick kitchen gloves that are hot and awkward. I am grateful to have any gloves at all; they are important for safety and so I do not go out without them. 

Sign of the times

I want to make another stop on my way back from the allergist, but I won’t, just in case. For obvious reasons, I come into closer contact with people at the office than ordinarily. Usually I tackle numerous errands at various locations when out and about in my car, but not anymore. At least not until the COVID-19 virus is under control. 

The stop I contemplated was the supermarket. The last time I ordered groceries, the store substituted a bag of lemons for the oranges I requested. This substitution made me laugh. It’s a sign of the times. I’ll get oranges another time. 

The bottom line

Our lives are forever changed as a result of the pandemic. Yet, it’s not all bad. We live in a world with technology that makes it easy to connect with loved ones and work remotely. A time when wonderful people risk their own health to provide others with healthcare, food, deliveries and more. Life is simple, we are less busy and we prioritize differently. 

And today I will make lemonade out of lemons. Literally.


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