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Product Review: Akron LED Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

CLIP-on selfie ring light

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by Ellen Blake

Akron Rechargeable LED Clip-On Selfie Ring Light


For most of 2020, I wondered why other people seemed to look so much better than I did on zoom calls. At first I thought it was the background, so I created a nice zoom background for myself. That helped, but mostly to lessen any distractions behind me. And of course, that didn’t help with facetime calls. A friend suggested that lighting might be the cause of the problem. I looked at different options, but ultimately decided I didn’t need an elaborate setup with a tripod or to spend a lot of money. After doing some research, I decided to order the Arkon Rechargeable LED Clip On Selfie Ring Light for Live Streaming  on Amazon.

This inexpensive little gadget, which is about 3.5 inches in diameter clicks onto both my cell-phone and laptop screen securely. It provides different types of light filters, which are easily changed with the touch of a button depending on what’s needed at the time. The warm/cool filters really improve the quality of the video (and works when you take pictures too). The lighting provides a birght and natural look.

For the price, I’m very impressed with this selfie ring. Actually, I would pay more than $17.50 for it. The simple clean lightweight design works well.  The built-in rechargeable battery is a great bonus and the charge lasts a long time. Another plus is the small velvet bag that comes with the ring light that makes it very easy to carry around without worrying it may break. One more thing – it doesn’t turn on by accident when bumped, which is a pet peeve of mine. The only change I might suggest might be to include a screw mount to allow the ring light to easily attach to the light/accessory arm of my phone mount. 

If you create videos

I am very happy with this selfie-ring light for zoom or facetime, but once I start to film videos on a regular basis for my website, I plan to purchase a larger, more professional ring light on a tripod. The one recommended to me most often is this  14″  LED ring light with a Tripod Stand and Phone Holder . It’s 360° rotatable lamp head provides a large illumination area, which is perfect for vloggers, live streaming, video calling, selfies and more. As the selfie ring light has 240 premium LEDs, which effectively eliminate unflattering shadows. The tripod is high quality, adjustable and and stable. It’s lightweight and easy to store as well. The phone holder is a nice bonus, as is the bluetooth capability.

Priced at $49.99, this setup costs a lot more than a simple clip-on ring, but is still very reasonable. (I’ll add to this review when I try it!)
The bottom line is that good lighting in essential to make a good impression on zoom (or facetime), especially for a professional meeting. Invest in either an inexpensive clip-on selfie ring light or a more elaborate set-up with a tripod that expands if you spend time online!

Arkon SPLEDRING Rechargeable LED Clip On Selfie Ring Light






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