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10 Artsy, Unique & Affordable Menorahs that Make Great Gifts

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I love the sparkling lights during the holidays in December. When I say that, people usually think of Christmas lights, which are certainly beautiful, but today I want to talk about Chanukah. A lot of people collect handcrafted menorahs, and look forward to the new designs that arrive in the marketplace each year. Menorahs make a very special gift for those who celebrate the festival of lights. Below are a few beautiful and unique designs that caught my eye. (A beautiful Chanukah inspired mask too!) And don’t forget the candles – I’ve listed a few at the bottom.

This Tree of LIfe Menorah celebrates the festival of lights with an art nouveau style combined with a traditional form. It’s brushed stainless steel is heirloom quality with a matte finish. Valerie Atkisson, an accomplished artist, hand makes her menorahs in the USA. Dimensions are 20″ x 1.5″ x 4″. You can’t go wrong if you buy this beautiful gift!  Note: not for children, laser-cut edges may be sharp.

Bright and Happy Yair Emanuel  Menorah 

This lovely Hanukkah menorah brings color and harmony to your everyday life and light and happiness during the holiday! Designed by Yair Emanuel.


Unique and Contemporary Menorah

What an interesting piece! This menorah will stand out during the festival of lights. This aluminium menorah with a hammered Design with a nickel-plated finish & colorful cups measures 8.5 inches in diameter. 

Decorative Handmade 9 Branch Iron Hanukkah Menorah

Unique and beautiful handcrafted Iron Menorah makes a great holiday gift!  The lucky recipient will proudly display this contemporary piece of art in their home. Measures about 13.1 inches long 3 inches wide and 6.7 inches high.

Bronze Metal Menorah 


What a lovely gift for your favorite couple! Hand made metal menorah from Copa Judaica fits standard Hanukkah candles. It measures 9″ x 4.5″ x 9″. Great craftsmanship and sure to delight!



For those looking for something a little more fun with bright colors and a lower price, this hammered metal menorah by Yair Emanual is the perfect one to buy! Designed by famed Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, this charming cylinder shaped strip Hanukkah menorah was made in a classic style from premium materials. Dimensions are 7.5″ z 2.5″.



 Mahjongg Crystal Chanukah Menorah 


This menorah is the perfect gift for the Mah Jongg lover in your life! Click the link to be able to zoom the picture to see the mah jongg tile inspired etchings in the crystal – it’s sure to be a hit this year for Chanukah! Made from durable material, this decorative menorah is crafted with care and precision. Measures 3.35″ x 10.75″


Marie Décor Blacksmith Handmade Iron Hanukkah Menorah 


This beautiful handcrafted Iron Menorah is a wonderful gift for Chanukah. The black iron design is interested, unique and gorgeous! This is a great choice for artsy loved ones as they will no doubt display this piece of art all year round. The dimensions are 13″ x 3.15″ x 13″


 Handmade Judaica Modern Triangle Fused Glass Menorah with Metal Stand


Gorgeous, unique menorah makes a fabulous gift!  Each menorah is handcrafted and unique with fused glass and a metal stand. Dimensions are 9″ x 13″ 

Aluminum Menorah with Unique Harp Shape Design


This elegant, sturdy and beautiful menorah makes a lovely gift!  Dimensions are 7.5″ x 9.5″.


Colorful Dripless Chanukah Candles 


Don’t forget the candles!  This box contains a rainbow of lights made from premium wax. These decorative standard sized candles come in a box of 45 to last throughout the 8 nights of Chanukah. Certified Kosher. These candles burn clear and bright with no double wicks and minimal wax drippings to help keep your menorah clean.



Do you have other interesting products to share with others related to Chanukah? Add them in the comment section below!


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