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How You Doin’? Assessing Your Personal Fulfillment

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by Debi Talbert

If you watched the 90’s hit sitcom Friends, you know that the character Joey was famous for his line “How you doin’?” His flirtatious quip was cute and cut to the chase. So, how you doin’? How’s life? Are you feeling fulfilled and intentional with how things are going?

Sometimes life feels off. For me, it’s not that I want to abandon things and move on, but at times I have an unsettled feeling. I seem to go about the day-to-day underwhelmed, going through the motions, feeling unsatisfied. If left unchecked, before long, that which was a little off becomes something way off.  This is when I turn to distractions to avoid addressing my underlying issues. Alcohol was my distraction of choice for many years, but others tell me they binge instead on food, Netflix, social media or shopping to fill the void.

If you feel this way, it may be time to assess your personal fulfillment.

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How do you assess your personal fulfillment?

 Sometimes you don’t have to assess much to know you are unfulfilled. You already know you feel something is missing or you want something more. If you are aware you desire more, it’s likely time to pay attention to that feeling.

  • Ask yourself, “How you doin’?
    It is healthy to intentionally evaluate the areas of life that stand out most. Contemplate your life to assess if you’re content or if you’d like to make improvements in your career, relationships, nutrition, and other areas.
  • Ask someone else, “How am I doin’?”
    Those closest to you know you better than you may think. Have a meaningful conversation with someone you trust to help you see yourself through another person’s eyes. Have they noticed a sense of discontent or unrest? You may be surprised to hear someone else’s perspective and thoughts about you.
  • Explore.

    Try something new as a way to alert your conscious to what your subconscious may be trying to tell you – you have some fulfillment issues. Whether you choose to explore an interesting new food or hobby, a change from the usual often inspires and ignites passion you were not aware you had.

 What do you do if you realize you feel unfulfilled?

 First off, don’t panic.

  • Feeling unfulfilled doesn’t mean you failed or that things need to radically change – or do they? Once you are aware you feel this way, you can create a simple plan to implement positive changes.
  • Take action.

    Your personal satisfaction may be easier to improve than you realize. Start small and try new things. Identify what resonates with you and sparks your interest. You may discover something completely new that excites you.

Life is meant to be explored, experienced, and lived; not stay the same. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your day to day, try to find new reasons to get excited. Assess your current status and consider making some changes that take you from feeling unfulfilled to feeling truly wonderful.


Debi TalbertDebi Talbert

Debi Talbert is a Certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School and This Naked Mind Institute. She coaches the 50 plus individual who is exhausted trying to figure out how to end their dysfunctional relationship with alcohol. She helps people who struggle to stop drinking, but do not accept the labels of “alcoholic” or “powerless”.

Debi knows at a deeply personal level that Life Coaching is transformative. She helps clients rebuild their trust in themselves and change their beliefs about life. She is the creator of Exit The Drinking Life podcast and offers online programs which include training videos and weekly live coaching sessions.In addition, she offers a monthly membership to teach you to coach yourself, teach you how to feel better, teach you to take massive action and flourish in life beyond alcohol. Find information about programs and resources at

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