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How To Achieve Optimum Health: A Pharmacist Shares Her Personal Story

how to achieve optimum health
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by Dr Deepa Pattani

As a health professional who strives to model optimum health for her patients, why was it so hard for me to implement healthy habits into my own daily life?

I spent the last few years unsuccessfully trying to lose weight. Forty unhealthy, uncomfortable pounds had crept up on me over time. But, hard as I tried, or thought I tried, the excess weight stayed with me. 

Like most adults, I knew what to do. My problem was getting myself to actually do it.

I had a general idea of what it meant to “be healthy”.

In other words, I tried to eat vegetables and lean proteins, and generally avoid what I considered “unhealthy foods”. As a pharmacist, I probably understand medical issues and the complex science behind them better than most. I was aware that factors like childbirth, decreased metabolism and increased life stress contributed to my weight gain. However, I also knew I ate my emotions rather than deal with them, and, as a working mom, did not regularly make time to practice the healthy lifestyle habits I preached to my patients.

Learning to take care of myself to better take care of others

This year, I made a decision to commit to make time for myself. In the past, I put family, work and friends first, as many of us do. After all, we each have a finite amount of time and emotional energy, so we tend to prioritize the needs of others over our own.

I needed to make a life change when it came to me and to my health. Everything I did to take care of others was important, but I could no longer put myself last. How could I pour into them from an empty cup? I felt I could be a better wife, mother, pharmacist and friend if I were in better health. (article continues after ad)

healthy fast food

My “AHA” moment

A friend of mine, Dr. Kent Zieser, shared his personal life-transformation with me. He told me he learned how to live a really healthy life, and, as a result, shed almost 120 lbs (WOW!!). He opened my eyes to the fact that true optimal health is possible with simple lifestyle changes.

Dr. Ziesser believes that living a healthy life, including weight management, comes from both the implementation of healthy habits and a change in mindset. He shared that physical transformations like weight loss, increased energy, and even decreased adverse effects of obesity (i.e. high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes), are natural side effects of healthy living and those healthy habits. How amazing is that??

Slowly, I worked toward better health with Dr. Ziesser as my coach. I love that I wasn’t thrown into this lifestyle overnight, but eased into it. Optimum health and weight loss does not happen quickly. However, with the right tools, habits and mindset, you can keep weight off and live healthy for life. 


  1. Work with a coach for guidance and accountability
  2. Surround yourself with some kind of support system/community
  3. Learn how healthy lifestyle changes can improve your life
  4. Obtain an easy-to-follow nutrition plan 
  5. Nurture a healthy mindset
  6. Make lifestyle changes slowly so they stick
  7. Implement daily habits that make sense for you
  8. Set reasonable goals

The bottom line

These training wheels will do more than help you improve your health and get your weight under control. They provide the tools, habits, and mindset necessary to make lifestyle changes and achieve your long-term wellness goals. It’s not about weight loss, it’s about taking your life back. The weight comes off as a result.

As I am now a health professional empowered to practice better life choices, I decided to become certified as a health coach myself. This new role is a perfect fit for my mission and calling with Allen Pharmacy & Wellness as I help people get off medications that do more harm than good. 


Deepa Pattani, PharmD is a certified health coach and the Pharmacist-in-charge/Owner at Allen Pharmacy & Wellness, a full-service retail pharmacy providing individualized patient care. She helps those in need find true health and transformation, and to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting.  Contact Dr. Pattani at 972-372-9775 or   Allen Pharmacy and Wellness is located at 945 W Stacy Rd, Suite 110, Allen, Tx 75013.  





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