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Mosquito Repellents: Which Ones Truly Work?

effective mosquito repellents

By Ellen Blake Do you know which mosquito repellents actually work? Most people do not. The marketing labels on these products can be super convincing, but sometimes promise unrealistic results. Here are the facts. Effective Mosquito Repellents Mosquito repellents that work well: DEET A repellent with DEET tells mosquitos to buzz off. Get one with

“Boomerang Seniors” Face a Modern Caregiving Challenge


by Ellen Blake What is a boomerang senior? You may know the terms “sandwich generation” and “silver tsunami.”Now we have a new one, “boomerang seniors,” to describe older adults in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Boomerang seniors care for an even older relative, usually a parent, who is in their 90s or

Yes, Your Nose is Bigger: It’s Not Your Imagination

nose gows with age

by Ellen Blake Looking in the mirror the other day, I noticed my nose seems larger. It’s always been prominent, but is it getting even bigger? Does your nose grow with age? It’s not my imagination! I decided to go through some old photos to determine if this appendage was actually smaller in

Let’s Call it “Visitability”


by Ellen Blake What the heck is "visitability"? Many people refer to this housing trend as "accessibility", but that word seems to have a negative connotation for some, conjuring up visions of older adults with age related disabilities. The term,"visitability" is becoming the preferred, and actually a kinder and more welcoming, term

Still Hot…Just Comes in Flashes Now!


by Ellen Blake   News flash about menopause At this very moment I am hot, sweaty and to be perfectly honest, kind of disgusting. True, it is summer in Texas which can be unbearable under the best of circumstances, but the extreme weather is not the reason I am an overheated mess. The

Guide to Food and Fun in Europe for the Solo Traveler

solo traveler

by Ellen Blake Europeans seem to love their food, history, art and architecture. Can you blame them?  An abundance of rich stories from the past help us understand their lives today. When you travel to Europe, what is your focal point? When traveling alone you have the luxury of planning a trip

Rage Yoga: The New Trend in Yoga

Rage yoga

by Ellen Blake More than just a practice, Rage Yoga is an attitude. Traditional yoga is peaceful, quiet and zen. It's benefits include an improved immune system, enhanced mood and relief from pain and stress. But this type of yoga isn't for everyone. Some feel it is too slow or that it

Nap Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure


by Ellen Blake I've always liked a good nap when I have time. That's not to say I don't feel guilty about laying down for a snooze mid-day, but I do it anyway.  A 30 minute catnap seems to reenergize me for the rest of the day, Recently I heard that