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Mosquito Repellents: Which Ones Truly Work?

effective mosquito repellents

originally posted Aug 1, 2019 revised Aug 1, 2020 By Ellen Blake Do you know which mosquito repellents actually work? Most people do not. The marketing labels on these products are super convincing, but sometimes promise unrealistic results. Here are the facts. Effective Mosquito Repellents These mosquito repellents work well: DEET A repellent with DEET tells mosquitos

10 Important Privacy Tips For 50+ Social Media Newbies

social media privacy tips

by Ellen Blake DO THE BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA OUTWEIGH THE SECURITY RISKS?  The answer is yes. Chances are you know an older adult who does not engage on social media. Or maybe you avoid it yourself. If that's the case, consider the benefits and know there are ways to minimize the

The Grandparent Economy is Serious Business

grandparent, grandchild

originally posted: 2/18/2019 updated: 9/20/2020 By Ellen Blake Grandparents are an eager to spend demographic Think about it -  Most grandparents light up when you ask about their grandchildren. My friends share stories and pictures at the drop of a hat. They are willing to spend abundantly on the grandchildren even when they cannot

Picking Your Grandparenting Name – How to Choose?

cute grandparent names

originally posted 12/28/2018 updated 09/20/2020 Author: Ellen Blake Your new grandparent to choose? Congratulations if you are expecting a grandchild! What will they call you? Choosing a grandparent name is serious as it is a name that will follow you for many years.  How to choose? Do you feel "Grandma" sounds old? If so,

50 Funny Fortune Cookie Quotes

funny fortune cookie quotes

  by Ellen Blake Some fortunes are funnier than others Some sayings you find in fortune cookies are just hilarious. Here are some humorous ones discovered in fortune cookies from various places. While some are intentionally funny, I think others may have been typos, bad translations, or just created by a confused fortune

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Article is About You

how do you know if someone is a narcissist

by Ellen Blake originally posted 9/18/2019 updated 8/24/2020 UPDATE AUGUST 24, 2020- Finally free I finally extricated myself from this toxic relationship. It's been more than two years since our friendship ended; for the last year I did my best to ignore her, keep my head down and just live my life. My disinterest,

It Could Happen to You: How to Remove Cactus Spikes From Your Skin

remove cactus spikes from skin

by Ellen Blake Are you a cactus lover? I'm definitely a cactus lover, but our relationship is complicated. Years ago, I fell in love with the indigenous cactus plants in Texas Hill Country that grow big and beautiful on the hillside. Anyone can fall in love with cactus plants, especially when

4 Ways the Post Pandemic World Will Be Awesome

post pandemic world

by Ellen Blake July 2020 quarantine update...It's not all bad Still home most of the time. And after five months of social distancing, I've run out of shows to binge, skills to learn and puzzles to finish. Despite my best intentions, some of my closets and drawers remain disorganized, but who cares.

Why You Should Buy Wine at Costco

best costco wine

by Ellen Blake Costco is the number one wine retailer in the U.S. Costco sells more wine nationally than anyone else because they offer a nice variety and great prices. While the selection is not tremendously broad, many of their brands are quite good, especially those in the under $20 range.  And

8 Reasons You Need to Have Sex Soon

benefits of sex

by Ellen Blake The benefits of sex extend far beyond the bedroom... Sex not only feels good, it’s good for your health. A regular sex life helps improve high blood pressure, anxiety levels, headaches...and so much more. We all have dry spells. And for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you’re busier than