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A Letter to My Family

a letter to my family

This beautiful poem was shared at a workshop I attended for The Conversation Project.. I have a copy with my will with instructions to give to my children when the time comes. I know they will do their best to care for me, but, like me, they tend to beat

Have You Had “The Conversation”?

the conversation project

by Leslie Farin "It's too early until it's too late" I recently attended a workshop called The Conversation Project. This grass roots initiative, founded by Pulitzer prize winning author Ellen Goodman, encourages people to communicate their end-of life-wishes. Driving to the event, I wasn't sure what to expect; perhaps a grim discussion

Who are the Boomerang Seniors?

caregiver, boomerang senior, seniors

Many people have heard the terms “sandwich generation” and “silver tsunami.” But today, there is a new phrase, “boomerang seniors,” that describes many seniors in their 60s, 70s and even 80s. These boomerang seniors are caring for an even older relative, usually a parent, who is in their 90s or