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Challenges for “Boomerang Seniors”


by Ellen Blake You probably know the terms “sandwich generation” and “silver tsunami.” And now we have a new one, “boomerang seniors,”. Boomerang seniors are older adults in their 60’s through 80’s who care for an even older relative, usually a parent, who is in their 90s or older. Patricia Maisano

Let’s Call it “Visitability”

by Ellen Blake What the heck is "visitability"? Many people refer to this housing trend as "accessibility", but that word seems to have a negative connotation for some, conjuring up visions of older adults with age related disabilities. The term,"visitability" is becoming the preferred, and actually a kinder and more welcoming, term

A Letter to My Family

a letter to my family

This beautiful poem was shared at a workshop I attended for The Conversation Project.. I have a copy with my will with instructions to give to my children when the time comes. I know they will do their best to care for me, but, like me, they tend to beat

Have You Had “The Conversation”?

the conversation project

by Leslie Farin, Publisher 50Plus-Today "It's too early until it's too late" I recently attended a workshop called The Conversation Project. This grass roots initiative, founded by Pulitzer prize winning author Ellen Goodman, encourages people to communicate their end-of life-wishes. Driving to the event, I wasn't sure what to expect; perhaps a

Tips for Family Caregivers

healthy and happy senior, family caregiver

by Ellen Blake Caring for aging parents is hard work. But it can also be rewarding! Taking care of an elderly loved one takes a great deal of time, effort and patience. They often need help with a wide range of tasks, from errands, to meals,to eventually even bathing. It's tough, emotionally

5 Ways Your Kids Might Mess Up Your Grandkids


From being over-involved to having high expectations, be mindful of these don'ts (This story was originally published on .) It’s the most challenging job, one that requires a minimum of 18 years hard labor. “Parenting is front-loaded work,” said Michele Borba, parenting expert and author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, “because if parents